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Hooray for Google and their maps!

Planning for the anniversary vacation is not exactly moving along, but the research sure is. I found the Asheville B&B Association’s website, and I added some cool-looking ones to my page. But there wasn’t any convenient mapping feature that … Continue reading

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So, skiing was fun on Sunday. I only fell on my ass twice, though the first time I torqued my knee a bit, so it bothered me all day. But the custom insoles I got with my own pair of … Continue reading

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Family gatherings and other unrelated travel.

Tomorrow I’m going skiing in Virginia. We meet at 5 am, and the bus rolls out at 5:30, to get up there around 9, where we ski all day and get back into the bus at like 5 pm and … Continue reading

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Oh my aching garden.

Last spring, we put in a raised garden beside the front steps, under the tall arched window. A pair of heirloom gardenias, grown from cuttings from some 100+-year-old plants in Wilmington, went in. Because the timing was poor, we were … Continue reading

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In which I admit to heretofore unspoken levels of geekiness.

I’m a seiyuu fan. Seiyuu is the Japanese word for voice actor, or someone who plays roles in animated series, video games, and radio dramas. (In Japan, this also includes dubbing artists for non-Japanese films.) American fans use seiyuu rather … Continue reading

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Poetry: It’s hard!

So, when I was a young, impressionable reader, I read Lord of the Rings. I fell in love with Middle Earth, read all the poems and appendices and even got some of the apocrypha like the Book of Lost Tales. … Continue reading

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A friend of mine did one of those memes on her livejournal, wherein the reader is encouraged to post his/her favorite poem to their own journal upon reading the post. So I’m posting one of my favorites, and leaving what … Continue reading

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