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Show homophobia the red card.

I’m a fan of association football, and I’m an advocate for LGBT rights. There’s a brand new campaign to promote awareness of homophobia in football and to kick it out of the game: Red Card Homophobia. It started out over … Continue reading

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Anime rec: Patlabor

Part two in a potentially-ongoing series. Patlabor is a franchise about a misfit band of cops assigned to robot crimes. It’s a giant robot show for people who hate giant robot shows. In the vaguely near future (or recent past, … Continue reading

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World Beer Festival 2010

This year I went in with a crazy new plan: not tasting any beer I already know I like. I have to save up, right? There’s only so much beer a gal can drink. brewery, name of beer, style, description … Continue reading

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An artist who’s on my wavelength

One of the things I love about Berlin is its history. When I walk through the streets, it’s almost like I can feel the people who came before, or imagine the buildings that were there a hundred years ago but … Continue reading

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