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The story you want to write vs the story you can write

I like space opera. I don’t care if it isn’t fashionable to do so, because it’s not “rigorous” or because it’s all tropey or whatever other reasons people say space opera sucks. (That was the first google hit for that phrase.)I love Bujold’s Vorkosigan… Continue reading

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Movie review: Offside

Offside, 2006. Directed by Jafar Panahi.Iranian director Panahi is rather controversial at home, where he is currently serving a six-year jail sentence for “assembly and colluding with the intention to commit crimes against the country’s national s… Continue reading

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Tech stuff

A couple years ago, I got a Samsung Captivate, and I wrote about it approvingly at the time. But it didn’t age gracefully, and after 2 warranty replacements for the “randomly shuts itself down” bug, I had a friend help me root and mod it. That fixed so… Continue reading

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