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Book review: Ein Gas Blut

Ein Glas Blut by Selim ÖzdoganI’ve recently gotten a borrower’s card at UNC libraries, which means I can check out any of the zillions of books in their stacks. This is exciting. So I checked out a book by Turkish German writer Selim Özdogan.Ein Glas… Continue reading

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On Saying No

Yesterday on twitter, I came across this article, which purports to be about the pros and cons of “being agreeable and saying yes.” Except there’s just one little paragraph about the perils (being overextended), and the rest of it is about why you shou… Continue reading

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Hi again!

I didn’t quite realize it had been since mid-January that I last posted. Oops.I successfully wrote a 3500-word story from an outline, but I haven’t heard back on its submission yet.I started outlining a novel, using the same Mary Way as above, based on… Continue reading

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