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Books I love: CJ Cherryh’s The Faded Sun

The Faded Sun was originally published in 1978-79, comprising three novels: Kesrith, Shon’jir, and Kutath. They were collected in an omnibus and reprinted in 2000, with a nice Michael Whelan cover. Unlike other books I love, I’ve only read this … Continue reading

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Breaking silence

So, since 6 Jan, I’ve been working 30 hours a week at a place 45 minutes each way. It’s cut into my writing time, and because I work 1-7, it’s cut into my evening time as well. (Get home 7:45, … Continue reading

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Cats can get diabetes, too.

Isis, my oldest cat, who I picked up off the street in September 1997 and the vet said was about 3-4 months old, was just diagnosed with diabetes. Today she’s in the hospital at the NC State Vet School, being … Continue reading

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