Fiction editing

  • Read for continuity, style, etc: 6€/page (1 page = 1600 characters incl. spaces)
  • In-depth read for structure, plot, etc (developmental editing): 12€/page
  • Linguistic worldbuilding consultation: 150€ flat


  • German > English
  • Introductory rate 10€/page (as defined above) (later 13€)
  • Non-binding sample translation: up to 10 pages à 7.50€/page
  • 1st chapter translations: 7.50€/page (The writer may submit them to publishers with credit to me.)
  • Speculative translations (short fiction only): no fee up-front. I will submit the translated work in your name to English-language SFF publications, and once the work is sold, we will split the publication's per-word rate 70/30 transl/author, unless the publication pays the full rate to both translator and author.


  • Conversion to or from non-Euro currency will be based on the rate at on the date of payment.
  • For commissions, a 25% deposit is required.
  • PayPal
  • Direct bank transfer (IBAN/BIC) 


  • Native US English speaker, SF/F author
  • Associate member of SFWA
  • Copyeditor,
  • Translation of Aiki Mira's "Ein Schritt ins Leere" to be published summer 2025

Boring legal stuff

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