About me

I'm a Germanist, a linguist, and a writer of science fiction. My linguistic interests are related to a) German and b) popular culture, and quite often c) both. Even though my MA thesis is heavily historically focused, I am much more interested in sociolinguistics. (I think my MA thesis is really cool, don't get me wrong. But the ways people use language in different situations is a much cooler thing.) During my German Studies MA, I wrote a paper (in German) on the differences in gender norms between continental Germanic and Scandinavian societies based on the figure of Kriemhild/Gudrun in the Siegfried stories (the Nibelungenlied and Volsunga Saga, respectively).

My favorite authors include Lois McMaster Bujold, CJ Cherryh, Ursula LeGuin, and Terry Pratchett. I like to read stories with politics and political intrigue, though I can't write it worth a damn. I most recently enjoyed the heck out of Yoon-ha Lee's Machineries of Empire trilogy, and I found NK Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy an exquisite heartbreak. I enjoyed watching The Expanse (read the first book but not the rest). I haven't read a whole lot since grad school started, outside of Hugo voting, but I'm planning to catch up as soon as I have time.