16 April 2008

General update

So. When we last left our intrepid heroine, she was unemployed in Greenland and lackadaisically looking for a job. Shortly thereafter, she got a lead on a job, then found a different one, working for a government entity that shall remain nameless. She's been working there nearly a year and a half.

I'm bored. I'm at work right now, and I'm mostly twiddling my thumbs, waiting for people to walk up for prescriptions. I shouldn't complain too loudly; real retail pharmacy jobs get 500 or more prescriptions a day. I like the slower pace - it lets me do other things.

Like take an online certificate program in field epidemiology. I'm mostly through the 3rd of 4 courses, and the last class is being offered this fall. I get summer off! Woo. Epidemiology looks at the patterns and spread of disease, and field epidemiology is basically outbreak investigation. It's kind of interesting, and I'd thought maybe I wanted to study epidemiology, but I don't. It's interesting, but not for me I think.

I've been studying tai chi for about a year with the same teacher. I'm learning a Chen style long form, and it's coming along fairly well, I think. I should be able to test on it by the end of this year. Then I need to figure out what to do next - two-person forms, a weapons form, another style (Yang)?

We're going to Japan for 2 weeks this summer, with Ben's folks for half of it. Should be exciting.

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