25 September 2008

Brief update

I had an interview about 2 weeks ago, for a job, and the recruiter told me they'd get back to me the next week. Well, that was last week, and I still haven't heard anything. So I'm trying to find a plan B, which looks mostly to be trying to find another job that sucks less. I'm halfway considering applying for a chemistry job, doing LC/MS and separation chemistry, though I was never very good at determining chemical structures from spectrographs, and I haven't even thought about that for 10 years, so I've forgotten most everything. But it never hurts to apply, and the worst they can do is not contact me for an interview. Though I have no idea where I'd come up with references at this point. It's been years since I worked in chemistry.

I'm going out to San Francisco for a small convention this weekend. I'm only going because one of my favorite writers is going to be there and signing books. So I'm gonna hang with friends and stuff.

My sister's coming to visit in a couple weeks. She's taking the train down, which is about as expensive as driving right now. Except that means she won't have to sit in DC traffic. Trade off, I'd say. Then we're heading out to Charlotte to go to the Renaissance Festival.

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