03 November 2008

Rosemary galore

So, I have this garden along the wall of my garage. It's about 24' in total length and 3' deep, in 2 tiers. It's got 2 sections, because there's an entry door to the garage about 3' back. The long section has lavender in the second row, and oregano and some thyme in the front, plus space for annual herbs or veggies. The square section has rosemary in the top corner with chives in front and a space for an annual.

My rosemary bush was getting ridiculously large and collapsing under its own weight, so it was time to prune it. For reference, it started out about 3.5' across and 2' high. I cut it between 25 and 50%. I have a ton of usable rosemary sprigs in the fridge, plus a bunch inedible (too yellow) drying for non-food purposes, like throwing in the fireplace to smell good. And I put a good amount in the compost. AND I have to prune it more in February, so it won't become the overgrown monster that it is.

So I looked around for recipes with rosemary in them. Sure, there's the classic potatoes roasted with rosemary, or adding it to bread dough, but I wanted something different. Here's what I found.

Chestnut-rosemary gelato

Dark chocolate rosemary ice cream

Rosemary olive oil ice cream

Lemon-rosemary sorbet

Pear, thyme, and rosemary sorbet

Orange-rosemary pound cake

I also discovered that you can freeze rosemary.

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