29 December 2008

Merry holidays!

It's been a eventful two weeks here in the Exaggeration Household.

We drove up to Maryland for various familial obligations on the 19th, and seem to have almost timed it well enough to miss the worst traffic on 495. (It would have been more perfect if we'd left at 9:30 like I wanted to, rather than closer to 10:30 before getting on the highway, and if lunch hadn't taken longer than expected.) We went to dinner with my sister, which was tasty.

Saturday morning, we met a friend at the Smithsonian, looked at dinosaurs and the new oceans exhibit at NMNH, and went to Teaism for lunch. I love that place, and I wish DC were a little closer. You can buy their tea online, but not the excellent food from the restaurant. Then we wandered around DC a bit before I had to go up to Frederick for dinner with my dad's side of the family. That was tasty, and I got to catch up with my cousins.

Sunday it was back up to Frederick to meet my mom for brunch before going to her brother's for that side of the family's gathering. It's less weird now, I think, that most of my cousins are also grown-ups, so the conversations are easier. Afterward, Ben & I went to Brewer's Alley and chatted with one of my cousins. She's graduating from college this year.

Monday, we had what was possibly the best drive south ever. We left from Shady Grove around 10:30, hit NO traffic on 495 or in Richmond, and made it home around 2:30. Pretty sweet.

I didn't work on Tuesday, because we were closed the 24th-26th, but I went to the dentist to get impressions made for my retainer and for the refinement on the bottom teeth. Yes, I'm mostly done with my Invisalign. Yay.

While I was not working at my regular job, I spent time with my novel. I rather enjoyed that, hacking through and typing up and the like. But I need a regular paycheck for my sanity, so quitting isn't in the cards right now.

For Christmas, I made Alton Brown's overnight oatmeal. Aside from a little burning due to a slightly over-enthusiastic crockpot, it was really good. Then we opened presents with Heino's Christmas CD in the background. (Heino is an old German Schlägersänger, and a friend of mine is a fan. For my part, I find Heino amusing, though I think the best thing is buying Heino CDs in Germany, and the cashier trying not to look at us like we're insane.)

Then we went out for Chinese food for dinner with some friends. Apparently, we missed half of the traditional Jewish Christmas thing by not seeing a movie as well. But it was fun.

I got about 8000 words transcribed/written, from the handwritten first draft. I edit as I transcribe, so it's not just transcription. I've only got about 10 handwritten pages left to turn into electrons, and I started with 40 left. So I got about 30 pages typed up. Shiny. Then I get to go back and add all the details, the flesh to the skeleton. With any luck, and perseverance, I'll have this monster ready to submit by this time next year.

I can hope.

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