24 January 2009

Jesse McCartney: Total idiot?

Dear pathetic wanker:

You are not my Zuko. Your recent interview on the John & Jay show (more info here*) showed that you've clearly done a lot of research to learn about your character. You've even taught me a few things I didn't know about my favorite show.

For example, you taught me that Avatar is an anime that was huge in Asia, so they brought it over here for 3 seasons and showed it on Nickelodeon. Wow! I never knew that creators Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko were from Japan!

Thanks to Paramount's idiotic casting decisions, and the sheer idiocy of the two actors who've given interviews this week regarding the property, I've gone from guardedly optimistic to pissed off and outraged. Good job, Paramount. This fan had been considering seeing the movie if the trailer looked like MNS hadn't fucked it up too badly, but now even if you gave out talking Emo!Zuko figures and gave me free admission, I wouldn't set foot in the door.

Great job!

No love,
Pissed-off Avatar fan.

*If you don't want to listen, the reactions in the comments sum it up. There's a straight mp3 version linked in comments, and the relevant part starts about halfway through.


Anonymous said...

oh shut up. he worded something wrong, leave the kid alone. so he doesn't know the history of the creation of your stupid show, big deal. the real question is, can he bring out the emotions and connect into the character enough to play him well. focus more on that then his lack of obsession with the show, like you and a million other people. he needs to do research on the characters so that he can get in touch, not the creaters. he's probably going on what he was told after the auditions.

CD Covington said...

Dear Anonymous,
Since you're so polite, I'll respond.

The problem, aside from whether this teenybopper bubblegum-headed pop singer can act worth a damn (doubt it), is that he's seriously ignorant of the show. If he watched the show to see what Zuko is supposed to be like, he just might notice those created by credits. He might also get a hint that Zuko isn't evil, though he's the villain for the first season.

It doesn't take obsession to know the basic facts of the show: it was created for Nickelodeon by 2 white guys.

Zuko's my favorite. I'm kind of protective.

Anonymous said...


I take it you've heard of us: http://aang-aint-white.livejournal.com/

Spread the word! We are not amused!

CD Covington said...

I linked to Aang Ain't White and the letter-writing campaign in an earlier post :D