19 January 2009

Weekend of failure!

A friend of mine decided that, since it's a holiday weekend, she would set herself an impossible goal and fail to meet it. I joined in, since that sort of thing is always fun.

I decided I'd work on the kids' story, but I never figured out a plot, so it's sitting at 300 words. Then I decided I'd punt and work on something else, but that's not coming, either, and what I'd like to do is take a nap.

The cats sleeping on either side of me aren't helping a damn bit, either.

So maybe I'll punt Necmiye's story, too, and type up some NBR, which actually has 37,000 words typed up, so it'll be closer to 45K when I get the skeleton typed up. Then revising, revising, revising. And making it a real story, with descriptions and symbolism and foreshadowing. Maybe even sex.

The desire to take a nap, however, is overwhelming. Maybe I'll eat something, since I'm kinda hungry, too.

There's a winter storm watch from tonight until the end of the day tomorrow. I wouldn't mind a snow day from work, but I doubt they'll close. I just hope I don't get yelled at for not wanting to drive my small sporty car in 2-4" of snow on North Carolina roads, with North Carolina drivers. Or for being late, when I'm the only damn person on the road driving at a sane speed.

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