19 June 2009

Looking up!

I've got about 14500 words on the space opera action romance novella. I'm vaguely concerned it's not fast paced enough, since the action doesn't start until about 12000 words in. But there's romancey bits in the first half.

I got an email from the editor I submitted my supershort story to, saying it had made it past the second round and was into the final winnowing stage. I'm not sure whether to be hopeful or more nervous, because it's like, I've made it this far, then what if they reject it? I don't want to crash too hard on that, you know?

I just got a call from the staffing agency, saying work is picking up, and they can get me work down toward Fayetteville and Wilmington a couple days a week. I just get to schedule a drug test and go to an orientation (at half pay.) Pretty cool.

I'm still paying attention to the situation in Iran. I don't know if Mousavi would be a huge difference for the country (he's still a supporter of the Islamic Republic, from what I've read), but the people are protesting Ahmadinejad's re-election, and Khamenei is telling them to shut up and deal with it, Ahmadi is God's chosen. Any time a regime clings so desperately to their power, it seems to me that they're more terrified of what will happen if they let go. Also, we can't forget that American interventionism helped get where they are today, since the 1953 installation of "our" guy into power helped foment unrest that led to the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

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