08 June 2009

Some new projects and a new geek thing

So, since I've got all this time not working, I've got lots of time to write. It's great.

I'm working on a space opera romance novella, which I hope to get a first draft completed by the 4th of July and use the following weeks to revise and edit before sending it in.

I've got a completed alternate history short story (untitled) that I'm waiting for some commentary on before submitting it.

I'm still awaiting word on the super short I sent in back in March. Longer wait is better, right? *crosses fingers*

So aside from that, I've been geeking on Axis Powers Hetalia, which is a delightfully charming, slightly offensive take on world history, using personifications of countries as a conglomeration of their stereotypes. For example, America is overly enthusiastic and loves hamburgers and being in charge, while Japan has an excellent miniatures industry. It's in Japanese, but you can click links at the official site, or look at an English-language fan site. The artist has a blog (also in Japanese, obviously. No, I have no idea what's going on.)

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