08 September 2009

Back from Dragon*Con

Mostly caught up on the internets I missed, though I admit I just skimmed most of it and triaged the hell out of my RSS feeds.

I saw my dad for dinner and drinks Thursday, which was enjoyable, especially the drink that tasted like Christmas.

I got 3 of my books signed by Lois McMaster Bujold (Memory x2 and Young Miles).

I was on 2 panels: one discussing LMB's SF vs fantasy (which turned into a rousing discussion of the Miles books) and the other about her work in translation.

I heard the first chapter and a bit of Cryoburn, the new (and final ;_;) Miles book, coming out November 2010. I want it *now.* Damn, it'll be hardcover, won't it? That means it won't fit the shelf with the rest of them. Hurm.

LMB reminds me of my mother in law. It's really weird. They're about the same age and have a few accent-wise things in common, despite being from disparate parts of the country.

I met a couple folks from Broad Universe, which I need to join.

And beyond that, I saw a bunch of awesome friends & stayed up too late & ate crappy food & managed not to spend too much money.

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