09 August 2010

Crisis managed (for now)

I spent about 24 hours at UNC hospital, where I got 3.5 liters of IV fluids (thanks to not having eaten for most of a week and having, shall we say, digestive issues) and some drugs to treat the symptoms. They kicked me out yesterday evening, because there's no reason to keep me there, since I was rehydrated and they don't need to keep me there to wait for test results. Hospitals are loud and full of germs. But they still don't know the root cause, so I'm going to the GI specialist in 2 weeks. Hopefully she'll have an idea.

The fabulous Julia read my story for me in the RFR Friday night, while I was stuck in the ER with 2 bags of normal saline dripping into my arm. She said people liked it, and that makes me happy.

I went back to the con today, attended a panel, then hung out with Natania and Julia for a while, and Lee Martindale was outside for some fresh air, so she joined us. It was a nice chat, ranging from GLBT rights issues to feminism and writing and what books we'd read recently and writing and stuff.

But I'm home and fixed up, temporarily, at least. I'm starting to get my appetite back, even.

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