12 September 2010


So, despite my mystery ailment rearing its head, I made it to Dragon*Con. Unfortunately, the antibiotic I was on at the time (Levaquin) made me really sick, so I spent a lot of time in my room, sleeping (and one morning in the ER and another in an urgent care clinic, where they took me off Levaquin).

The theory, which is a good one, is that I have a lingering sinus infection (possibly from the cold I got in Berlin) that flares up and gives me nasty post-nasal drip, which gets into my stomach and gives me GERD-like symptoms. While I was taking the z-pak (what I was switched to), I felt better, but in the last few days, my sinuses have felt worse, so I'm going to call my PCP (again) and ask if she thinks I should do another round of antibiotics, because the first one did OK but didn't eradicate the bastards. Persistent cusses.

Anyway, my dear Ben read my story for me in the RFR (because I was sleeping in my room). I made it to things on Sunday, including a great Q&A with James & Oliver Phelps (the Weasley twins), but I was too tired to do much else, and nothing after 10 pm.

I sure hope this whole mess is just from a sinus infection and that another round of antibiotics kills them dead and I never have to deal with this random nausea nonsense again.


Don said...

Sounds really craptastic--so sorry. :( Here's hoping it's just sinuses.

Did you at least catch some fun bits over that live video feed you told me about?

CD Covington said...

I watched the Masquerade in my room as planned. I'd wanted to catch a couple panels on DC*TV, but I slept through them. (Seriously, after I got back from the urgent care center at noon Saturday, I took a phenergan to counteract the insomnia from Levaquin and didn't get up except to pee and rehydrate until 8 am Sunday. I needed it, though... I think I averaged 3 hours of sleep a night from Wednesday-Friday.)

I got a disability sticker for my badge, though, because I kept being dizzy and got dehydrated really easily, so I didn't have to wait in line for hours to see the panels I made it to. And I got front row seats. :D