03 December 2010

New achievement!

I think I just leveled up.

Longing for a change of scenery, I took my laptop to my favorite local coffee shop this afternoon so I could write and enjoy a steamed coffee-like beverage. (Since I'm still trying the 'no caffeine most days' thing, I went with a cinnamon-chocolate steamer, which was excellent.)

A man came in and started chatting to the people at the table beside him. I kept working and occasionally looked up. Then they left, and he started chatting with me. He asked if I like my Mac, so I talked about how much I like it, and about how much I like Scrivener, because I'm a writer.

Which led to him telling me about how he tried writing a novel once, and he couldn't finish it, and then he said, "I thought I'd just tell a writer my idea."

A complete stranger told me their idea for a novel with the implication I should write about it. That's never happened before. I kind of hope it never happens again...

Though I did meet and exchange cards with another local writer, who's working on a memoir, after she overheard us, so it wasn't a total wash. And I did get some editing done.


olnac said...


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Could you please give me your email address so that I can make a discrete offer ?
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You can contact me on olnac at yahoo dot fr

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olnac said...

you can also contact me here:
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CD Covington said...

Hi Olivier,
I'm sorry, I'm not interested in selling my twitter username.