30 May 2012

I need more consistency

I'm not very good at blogging regularly. That's probably because it takes effort to put a thoughtful post together, about a book or movie or a meta topic, and I'm just not very up for that lately. I seem to be more in the "say something random on twitter" mindset lately.

That, and there just isn't all that much going on right now. I still have a good-sized stack of books to review. I'm still making progress on writing. That's about it.

Oh, and I'm helping run a new convention, which eats part of my life (but not much, because I'm just a track director).

My gardenias are flowering, and they smell really good. If I can figure out how, I want to try rooting some cuttings so I can have more. It'd be a ton of effort, but we could replace the ugly bushes next to the front stairs with gardenias. A ton of effort; the bushes are 12 years old and have massive taproots. But the gardenias would smell much prettier when we open the window.

Oddly, I'm not much of a gardener. I like puttering around a bit and having fresh herbs, but I hate weeding and maintenance. Which is kind of a problem.

I went to Animazement on Saturday. I hadn't gone in 2 or 3 years, mainly because I didn't want to spend money to be allowed to go in and spend money. But they had Ichiro Itano, one of the animators and directors of Macross (who invented the Itano Circus), and I wanted to see him. So I went, paid my money, got DVD liner notes signed and heard a great panel with amusing stories (and one fanboy who posed his question in Japanese). I didn't spend much in the dealers room. I only got a tai chi sword (which I need for my class, and was cheaper than ordering one online) and a little figurine. Ben got a bunch of stuff, including some Macross art to get signed.

Last night, Ben and I went to see the Carolina Railhawks play the LA Galaxy in a cup tournament. It was pretty fun, and much nicer than the last Railhawks game we went to that got thunderstormed-out. The Railhawks won, surprisingly, though LAG didn't send most of their first string. It's such a fun atmosphere, though the lack of vegetarian food for dinner at their concession is disappointing. (We planned ahead and stopped at Taco Bell. They didn't put my bean burrito on the order at all. So I had a smoothie, a pretzel, and ice cream for dinner :/ Moral of the story: always check your drive-thru order before you leave.)

I don't promise that I'll get any better at blogging regularly, though I need to get reviews up. One a week will get me into July, anyway...

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