27 September 2012

Forgive me, readers, I've been busy.

I know, all dozen of you on Google FriendConnect, and however many people follow the links from twitter or facebook...

The weekend after WorldCon, my cousin got married, so after I'd managed to catch up from that, I spent 12 hours in a car over 2 days and had to catch up again. Planning for ConTemporal has gone into full swing, so I've been spending a lot of time on that--inviting guests, making budgets, all that sort of thing.

I'm also taking an evening class at Durham Tech and a taiji sword class.

AND I'm applying for jobs, jobs, and more jobs, and hoping something works.

I read a book that I'd like to review, but I want to read it again first, probably, so I won't have a Monday book review for you all. Maybe next Thursday; we'll see.

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John Wiswell said...

It certainly does sound like you're busy. Good luck with the job hunt!