22 April 2013

Trying something new

As you've probably noticed, I'm not very good at updating. I haven't finished any books recently, so I don't have anything to review, and the general details of my life really aren't that interesting. (And the quick update things are all on my twitter.)

So I'm going to attempt to stick to a schedule of posts, and see how long I can post three times a week.

Mondays: book reviews

Wednesdays: anime/manga reviews or recommendations

Fridays: what's in progress: what I'm reading, writing, or otherwise working on.

Let's see how long I can keep this up. It's much easier when I have a topic to think about, but we'll see.


John Wiswell said...

Good luck! I'll be curious for your anime recommendations. I've really fallen off of watching anything, except the delightful Wolf Children.

CD Covington said...

I hadn't heard of Wolf Children. That looks interesting!

Tomorrow's post is about what I'm watching this season, and it includes one "you really shouldn't watch this, trust me, it's awful." There have been some really good shows out recently, and next week I'll talk about one I really liked.