02 December 2013

What I'm reading

After the frenzy of reading between the Hugos and my Viable Paradise instructors, I was feeling a bit burned out on the whole reading thing. That, and I was trying to wrangle several stories to submittable quality while organizing a two-week stay in Germany.

I picked up my e-reader to see what the last thing I was reading was, and it's John Joseph Adams' post-apocalypse anthology, whose name I'm blanking on right now, and my e-reader is upstairs. I got about halfway through that and had some really weird dreams, so I set it aside for a time when I wouldn't be reading right before bed.

Then I re-read The Hobbit. I can't remember the last time I read it, and I found the first page of a North Carolina voter registration card tucked inside it. I registered to vote here in 1999. The tone is definitely different than that of LOTR; it's much more childish, like your slightly off uncle telling you a story. (There are a lot of asides and comments from an I-narrator, so it's framed without being explicitly set up as a frame story.)

While I was up at my college reunion, I picked up a few books at the Friends of the Library book sale. $1 each. One I got was Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon. I wasn't sure what it was about, but I knew it wasn't in the middle of a series, and I'd heard a lot of people mention it. I'm about halfway through, so now I remember that it was mentioned in the context of having older female protagonist. I'll let you know what I think when I finish it.

I'm also reading a large stack of textbooks on language acquisition theory and didactic methodology, though I started taking the test on this module, so there's less reading and more "Oh, damn, where was that bit?" followed by *flip through the pages*, as well as scribbling notes that I'll turn into my answers. I don't really miss school.


John Wiswell said...

I've always loved the weird chattiness of The Hobbit. I'll take your "slightly off uncle" narrator theory; it's got an obvious and distinct persona. Harder to copy than it seems.

CD Covington said...

I think it was later implied that The Hobbit was Bilbo's memoirs of the trip, which sort of explains the tone. But it's still a very weird tonal difference between Epic Saga LOTR.