25 February 2019

*dusts off blog*

Has it really been 2.5 years since I last updated? The academic life has been pretty overwhelming, especially because I decided I wanted to get 2 MAs in 3 years, which resulted in my taking 4 graduate level classes a semester for a year while teaching. Needless to say, I haven't had much in the way of time to write since I started school.

My short story "Debridement" was finally published around September 2018 - that's the one my last post was about. It's in the anthology Survivor, edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj and JJ Pionke. That was my VP17 application piece, and it finally found a home.

Since I last updated, I've actually been to Dresden and seen the opera house - it's definitely quite the piece of architecture. When I eventually have time again, I should update my "where to go in Germany" stuff, since I can add a handful of places now.

I'm in my last semester of grad school (FINALLY) and writing my MA thesis on a very specific group of verbs in German. Once it's finished and approved and all that, I'll work on a summary for non-linguists and share it with the like 2 people reading this (ha). As long as that doesn't violate some sort of academic publishing thing, I guess. I'll ask my advisor.

Anyway, anyone still here? Hi.

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AndyHat said...

Ooh, Survivor looks like an awesome anthology! How'd I miss that? I love Lethe Press, too. I'll have to be sure to get a copy once we're moved and I can buy books again.