08 April 2021

Upcoming events

Just about the only good thing to come out of this pandemic is a whole lot of online conventions. I've been able to attend more cons than usual, since there's no travel expenses and all that.

Next weekend, April 16-18, I'm going to be at Flights of Foundry, where I'll be moderating a panel on Multi-Lingual Creativity, with panelists Aliette de Bodard, Anna Martino, Nina Niskanen, and Sofia Rhei. Registration is free/donation accepted, and there's a lot of great programming lined up. This is their second year, and last year's con was very well run, so I'm expecting good things. I hope to see you there!

Then the next 4 days, I'm going to be at the LingComm conference, which has a pretty good schedule lined up. I really missed academic conferences last year (my university was hosting the Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference in the beginning of April, and that obviously did not happen), so I'm looking forward to learning a lot at this one! I'm going to have a poster in the first poster session, and I'm on the discussion panel "finding your niche."

I've just made a new post on my Patreon, where I link to a video about the word "burn." I've also added some new tiers to the Patreon, so check those out, too!

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