13 March 2023

Upcoming convention appearances: Flights of Foundry (April 14-16, 2023)

With the new year comes a new convention season. Since I'm in Europe now, I miss out on all the cons in North America, because I can't afford to fly over multiple times a year. I'm not quite connected enough here yet to find out about European cons (and also too broke to travel anyway), so I'm so glad that Dream Foundry continues to run the best online con so far, Flights of Foundry. I'm on approximately a million panels this year and running a workshop (please sign up in the lottery!)

Because FoF operates round the clock in all timezones, panel times are given as slot numbers, so here's my (probably final) schedule, given with time in UTC.

Regular sessions

0 (5-6 pm UTC 14 April) Language politics in the arts industries (new time)

1 (6-7 pm UTC 14 April) How to Find Translators

15 (8-9 am UTC 15 April) What makes a work a good candidate for translation?

17 (10-11 am UTC 15 April) Feminist translations

41 (10-11 am UTC 16 April) My first translation (mod)

44 (1-2 pm UTC 16 April) Language politics in the arts industries

45 (2-3 pm UTC 16 April) Reading - come hear the beginning of my "Waffle House in space, asexual lesbian SF romance" novel (aka "the DS9 coffeeshop AU novel")

46 (3-4 pm UTC 16 April) Linguistics primer for creatives

49 (6-7 pm UTC 16 April) What's the word? How to get unstuck as a translator

Lotteried sessions

3  (8-9 pm UTC 14 April) chill n chat (come hang out with me! I'll probably ramble about verbs or something)

20-24  (1-5 pm UTC 15 April) (4 hours; max 16 ppl) Linguistic world building Want your world's made-up words and names to sound realistic and internally consistent, but don't know your glottal stops from your lateral fricatives? Want to ensure your nonhuman species can actually make the sounds you're putting in their vocal tracts? In this workshop, you'll learn basic concepts of phonetics and sociolinguistics, as well as how to apply them when creating your setting and the characters who live in it. This is not a workshop for creating a conlang.

See you (virtually) there!

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