21 August 2023

Critiques and consultations

 In my Kickstarter (185% funded! thank you!), I'm offering the usual set of books and ebooks, but there are a few tiers with big price tags, and I want to talk about them a little bit.

limited quantity rewards: photo of Cislyn Smith: critique of flash fiction or poetry, 100€; photo of Jordan Shiveley: critique of horror short, 350€; photo of CD Covington, personal worldbuilding consulation 250€; chat w/your writing group 500 €

Two generous friends are giving critiques

First, Cislyn Smith, writer, poet, and co-editor of Small Wonders Magazine, is offering three critiques of flash fiction (up to 1500 words) or a packet of poetry of any length for your contribution of 100 €. (One is already taken!) Cislyn's writing has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Diabolical Plots, Strange Horizons, The Deadlands, and other places. She is especially interested in getting speculative poetry, because she wants more to exist in the world.

Second, horror writer Jordan Shiveley is offering one critique of horror fiction up to 5000 words for your contribution of 350 €. Jordan's writing has appeared in Nightmare Magazine, the Horror Writers' Association Poetry Showcase Anthology, Baffling Magazine, and others.

Both tiers include all digital rewards.

I'm offering two types of personal consultations.

First, for 250 €, I'm offering ten reviews and discussions of your linguistic worldbuilding. This can range from a brainstorming session (up to 2 hours) to sending me your notes and receiving feedback (with a ~1-hr discussion). I can also answer a specific question you may have. You can get an idea of what you'd be getting here. I would give you a much more detailed answer, of course, with citations as needed. 

Second, for 500 €, I'll talk to you and up to four friends/writing group members for 1-2 hours. It could be a Q&A, a presentation, or a combination of the two. I have a presentation I've given at a couple conventions with several types of linguistic worldbuilding and some examples of each one, plus tips on incorporating it into your work.

Both tiers include all digital rewards (x5 for the second one).

Once again, thank you if you've already backed my campaign! Keep sharing with your friends!

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