08 July 2008

Sewing, organization, etc.

Apparently, the state of my sewing room was driving me crazy, because I went out and bought a couple shelves and some plastic bins. Then, midway into a project, I took everything apart and rearranged the room. I need to get some more underbed storage bins or something, and possibly to sell a bunch of scrap or extra fabric (like a yard or so of nice polar fleece) that I'll never use.

At any rate, I feel like the room is in decent enough order to continue my project, which is an 1895 bodice. Being surrounded by chaos and clutter makes it hard for me to think straight. The room is still a mess, but it's more of an in-progress mess than a leftover-from-previous-projects mess, so it's OK. I have a tendency to create a huge mess while I'm working, and I clean it up when I'm finished. Unfortunately, the last few projects didn't leave me much time for cleaning up afterwards. So now I'm stuck cleaning up after the last few messes. Bleh.

I've decided that after I finish these 2 costumes for Dragon*Con (and make the couple fixes to Edgeworth), I'm not doing any major costuming projects for at least 6 months. And this time, I mean it. I need to work on my spinning, and probably some crocheting (I had a thought that I could make little phone or camera cases), and I've just had sewing projects back to back for about a year now. I need a break to do something different.

So, after September, I can do something else. Yay.

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