11 August 2008

Sunny beaches

Went to the beach with the anime club. I think I avoided about half the people who were there, simply because our paths never crossed. I only got a little sunburned, and that's probably because my darling Ben doesn't understand the concept of "use lots of sunscreen" and tries to spread a too-small amount too thinly. (I suspect this because every year, my back gets burned, and he's the one who does my back. I'll know where to place the blame when I get skin cancer, anyway.)

Still no word on the new job. Things suck marginally less here, but I still hate it.

I started Invisalign last week. I should be finished in 5 months, since my teeth are barely crooked (I have a bottom tooth that's behind its neighbor and a top tooth that's on its way to being perpendicular to its neighbor.) Eating is kind of a pain in the ass, because I have to take the trays out before I eat, and then go brush my teeth and put them back in afterward. I'm going to be avoiding snacking, too, because it's a pain. I don't like leaving them out for long, and for the first couple days on a new tray, it hurts a lot to put them back in, so I avoid taking them out when possible. It looks like Thanksgiving will be at the start of a new tray, so keep that in mind when planning dinners for then. (I start new trays on Tuesdays, so by Thursday things are settling down, but it's still sensitive as hell.)

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