05 September 2008

Dragon*Con 2008

I had loads of fun.

I met an online friend for the first time, and she's nifty.

I didn't win the costume contest, but that's OK. I had fun. And I made a pretty swank hat.

I participated in a writing workshop, where I learned a lot, and I've got an idea percolating in my head. I should probably do something like revise the huge story I have finished, but I've been bored with it lately, unfortunately. I didn't plan it out; I just started writing. Which means I'll have to go back and edit the shit out of it, which is pretty damn daunting, I have to say. It means I have to sit down and plot the stupid thing.

I went to see George Takei (Mr Sulu on original Star Trek) talk. He's really cool, and I got some good photos. Because his talk was so good, I decided I had to get his autograph -- and I've never got anyone's autograph before. (Well, except when I went to a reading by Neil Gaiman and I got him to sign his new book for Ben's birthday. He's also an exceptionally awesome person.)

Mostly I hung out with friends, perused the con, and drank some. Oh, I was on a panel about Lois McMaster Bujold's books. It was fun - we got to talk about our favorite characters in our favorite books :D Then I was talking with the track director afterwards, and I asked if they'd done a panel on CJ Cherryh, another of my favorite authors, and she said, "No, would you like to moderate one next year?" *sigh* I sure could, since I've got 2 full shelves of her books, and there are certainly themes worth exploring (feminism, aliens, human psychology.) I dropped the track director an email letting her know I'm still interested, but I understand if she doesn't get back to me for a while, since the con just ended and she doesn't want to think about next year yet.

So now I'm NOT SEWING for at least 6 months (except putting the finishing touches on my costume for the con in 3 weeks, which won't take long.) I plan to build my model kits, practice spinning, WRITE, and get some exercise in. Also crochet, since I have a partially-finished shrug. Not sewing is going to be great.

I've already picked out the next costume I'm going to make, though, so I can be researching and finding materials. It'll be a military uniform.

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