11 November 2008

Current projects

So, this may not be common knowledge, or even obvious despite reading my posts, but I want to become a science fiction writer. I'm planning to make this my official site, for when I make a sale. (It's better to say "when" than "if.")

If you want to follow my blog, you can scroll down and click the "follow" button. Right now, it says 0, which is sad and lonely. Don't make my blog sad.

So, projects I'm working on.

- Nothing Beside Remains, a novel-length story that took me 6 years to draft, and will probably take another year to revise into something to send to beta readers. Status: 1 chapter revised, 20+ to go.

- Seeds of Rebellion, a short story. I intend to have this at a beta-read-able stage by Christmas and to send it out to magazines early next year.

- Unnamed short story, about the ghost stations in Berlin. Status: idea-gathering phase

- Unnamed massive project, involving WW1 and a future German space empire. Status: Research and world-building phase.

Non-writing projects I'm working on:

- Making a corset for a friend. Status: pattern drafted, need to make mock-up for fitting porpoises.

- Crocheting a TP roll cover to match our new bathroom. Status: 50%

- Practicing on my spinning wheel. Status: Don't make me laugh.

- Building my backlog of model kits. Status: 1 done. 5 remain, though I'm thinking of selling 2 of the kits.

- Sorting through the wreck of my scrap fabric. Status: Makes me want to cry. But I ordered a book with a pattern for crocheted rag rugs, and I can use the scrap for that.

- Gardening. Pruned herbs. Will prune gardenias after Thanksgiving. Am trying to grow baby rosemary plants from cuttings (to sell or plant as hedges on our lawn. That stuff GROWS.) Will need to re-prune lavender and rosemary in February. Status: ongoing.

Notes from the job front when I have something to report. Current primary consideration: more time for writing.

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