09 November 2008

Playing with design

So, I'm playing around with the header image and layout, playing around in photoshop with layers and filters and opacity, in an attempt to make this look a little more personal. One thing you may (or may not) notice is the giant wall of text missing. I hacked the quotation in half to make it less wall-of-text-ual.

I'm also going to try to remember to update here more often. 3-4 posts a month? That cannot be! I have many things in my head that I can put here more often, and I really ought to. I've got some interesting potential developments on the job front, but I don't want to go into those until I've got more solid data.

I'm working on a short story that I'm going to try to sell to a magazine. I hope, as all aspiring writers do, that it gets accepted at one of the first places I send it, rather than a huge stack of rejections. I've got another story percolating in my head, and the novel-length work I wrote over the course of 5 or 6 years which needs massive revision before I can even think about shopping it around. I've got a writing group now, which formed up after the workshop, so hopefully they can kick my ass into getting things finished.

And now, I'm going to work on that story.

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