26 November 2008

Thanksgiving, travel, and project updates

Today I'm at work. Both of my co-workers are on vacation today; my manager is on his way to Philly to visit his wife's family, and my tech is taking the day off. So we're not leaving for the in-laws' in St Louis until tomorrow afternoon. We'd gotten a flight out around 1 pm, but the airline canceled it and rebooked us on a 3 pm flight, so we're not getting there until dinner time. Ah well. But the travel will be less horrible tomorrow than today. Sunday's still gonna stink. That's OK; I'm taking Monday off work.

I'm working on this final paper for my field epidemiology class, and I don't really feel like it. I've got about a page written, toward the 8-page limit (plus 4 pages of figures and unlimited references.) Then I need to make a power point presentation. It's due 12/4. I'll get done what I can today, then spend Monday working on it at home, Tuesday and Wednesday on the power point and any other things I need to finish, and give everything a final once-over on Thursday before turning it in. And then I am Done. With. School. Quite likely forever. I'm too old for this shit.

(Though really what it is is that I'm too ADD for this shit.)

I crocheted one glove, ran out of yarn, and bought a second skein today. So I can make the other now. Yay. I found some fab pink cotton yarn to try making a Haro. If it works out, I'll put it in the art show at Animazement.

I've mostly finished a short story. It needs an ending and a lot of revision, so it's only mostly finished. I'm planning to send it off to a new magazine that unfortunately isn't a paying market at this time. Whatever. They take it, I can point to it and say "look, publication." They reject it, I revise and submit elsewhere.

Right. Back to writing my paper.

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