03 December 2008

So much for more-regular updates.

I'll blame Thanksgiving travel for my laziness.

Speaking of Thanksgiving travel, getting home on Sunday was Exciting. Here's a short recap. Got to STL in plenty of time to catch our 1:40 flight. Then the departure board flipped to 2:20, then back to 2:00. Our plane arrived around 2:30, and we got on it, then were told -- on the tarmac -- that Chicago had a ground stop because of weather, so we'd be sitting on the tarmac for an hour until the 4 pm update. Then until the 5 pm update. We got to Chicago around 6:30, and Ben got us on standby for the next (and last) flight out, which was a 6:30 flight that was delayed until 8:45. We got seats, and the plane boarded around 9, and we got into RDU at 12:45 am, home at 1:30.

Never flying through Chicago between Nov 1 and May 1 again. Atlanta or Dallas only.

Haven't been up to much. I've been working on the final project for my epidemiology class, which has been eating a goodly chunk of my time. I didn't get to submit the story to that magazine, but they extended the deadline to this coming Sunday. Maybe I'll hack at the tale some more and make it work better, and see if I can get it ready by then. (It needs a lot of work.)

I have tai chi class again tonight. I think I'm about ready for an evaluation, though I should really read the parts of the book and learn the terms before I think too much about that. My goal was to be evaluated before the end of the (lunar) year, which gives me until late January, and I should be able to swing that, no problem. (As long as the evaluation doesn't happen outside. I think I'd freeze to death.)

I also sprung for internets on my cell phone. The crappy RAZR doesn't have enough java memory to run the gmail app, though I can access it through Opera mini. Depending on how much I use it, etc, I might see if I can find a refurbished iPhone or Crackberry or something.

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