04 March 2009

Crazy March weather

It snowed Sunday night. I got Monday off work, which was pretty cool. This time we hardly needed it, but I guess they didn't want to repeat the idiocy of SnowBama day, when we went in at 10:30 and they told us we'd be closing early after we all showed up, braving unplowed roads. I welcomed the time spent lounging in my sweatpants. I got a first draft of another short story finished, the one about train stations in Berlin. It finally cooperated enough to get into words!

For those keeping track at home, this makes 2 short stories for 2009, though I've only submitted one so far. It's off at the feedback mill, so I'm waiting for commentary. I was fairly shocked that it stayed under 1000 words -- under 750, even! I suspect that revisions will add a bit to the word count, because I probably left out important details that make the setting make sense (which I'm bad at picking out myself, so I rely on other people to tell me. But I'm practicing to get better at doing it myself.)

This weekend I'm taking a 2-day intensive tai chi class. It's about 20 hours. We'll be learning a 2-person form, half of it anyway. I'll be completely wiped out when I go to work Monday, but I think I'll sleep well.

Speaking of sleep, last night I fell asleep with a cat curled up by my head. It's like a purring hat, with a random chance of inflicting damage. Kitties are cute.

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