10 March 2009

Heroes (the TV show)

I used to look forward to a new episode of Heroes. I even bought the fancy edition of the first season DVDs. Second season was ... crap, basically. The writers' strike didn't help matters any, either. But somebody added badly-written romance to it! And it was awful! I was hoping this season would make things better, would return to the level of interest from S1, but ... it's not there.

I love stories about dystopic police states. I like the idea behind the X-Men, which is what S3 of Heroes seems to be going for: some people have superpowers, it's secret, and there's a faction trying to get them eliminated or at least rounded up in concentration camps. But there's so much plot split, so much retcon, so much taking people out of character... and I won't even start with Mohinder (ok, maybe just a little... he's presumably a PhD geneticist. This does not make him able to insert IVs or know jack shit about drugs. A PhD geneticist is not a "hey, he's a scientist, let's make him know [obscure item from field unrelated to genetics, like string theory.]")

And I hear it got renewed for a 4th season. What are they going to do next? I'm not sure I care enough to find out.

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