26 March 2009


So I'm working on revising Moon Below, the story that was rejected on Monday. God, I can't believe I submitted something this ... bad. I guess the adage is true: put it away for a month or two, then come back to it with fresh eyes.

I don't think a single page is without some sort of mark, whether "reword," "cut this?" or "POV shift?" Lots of ink. (I used black, because that was the pen I had to hand. A PlanB pen, to be precise.)

The story as a whole isn't bad; there are sections that need to be written better. I'm glowering over a section that I need to figure out how to revise almost completely: it doesn't flow very well. The information is mostly necessary, but it needs to be wedged into the narrative better. How to do that? I'll need to take it apart and put it together more elegantly. The way is currently eluding me, however. Unfortunately, knowing what I need to fix doesn't mean I know how to fix it.

But I've got a couple ideas for making my novel work a little better (I'm revising in chapter 2 at the moment, though it's about to become chapter 3. Only 28 to go! -__- )

I read a blog post recently on genre hopping, which has given me some second thoughts and doubts. The novel I'm revising (that I wrote through pharmacy school and part of my residency, so it's kind of disjointed, and that's being generous) is fantasy, but I've got more science fiction ideas that I want to write. So I'm kind of torn. I suppose finishing the edits on this bastard will be good experience and good practice, and I am able to work on multiple things at once, so I could work both.

It would be interesting to see how a project that I actually outline the plot beforehand works out, as opposed to "hey, I got an idea; let's write this thing!"

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