23 March 2009

My first rejection!

I submitted a story about 6 weeks ago, and I got my rejection notice today. It was personalized, which was nice: they don't have to do that; they can just say, "Sorry, we're not interested at this time." And it's a fixable problem, anyway (assuming that the one the reader mentioned is the biggest problem, not, like, the plot being boring). I can tighten up the POV; that's manageable.

So I edit it, find a different market (right? You don't just resubmit to the same place), and send it there. I think I can try back at the same place after a while, but not right away. Stick a "I submitted this before, but it's been edited since" in the comments box.

Damn, I feel like a migraine's coming on. I've felt like this since yesterday, kinda, so it's not surprising.

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