06 July 2009

Draft complete!

I finished the first draft. It's almost 26,000 words. The first third are intro, the next 10,000 or so are actiony bits, and the remainder are tying up threads and denouement. I've sent it to my awesome friend for beta reading, and in the meantime, I'll work on the synopsis and cover letter. And read some more nonfiction about pre-WW1 Europe.

I haven't taken the pictures from Asheville off the camera yet, but I'll do that sometime this week.

I had two assignments for my job last week. The first was a day of training on the computer, at half pay, and the second, I was actually in charge, at full pay. So I bought a netbook. It's sitting in a UPS warehouse in Ohio, waiting for someone to drive it east.

I submitted an alternate history short story on Tuesday. I don't know whether they'll take it. And I'm still waiting on the story I submitted in March. If I hear anything, I'll be sure to post about it, positive or negative.

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