08 July 2009

Plenty of work...

I just picked up 45 hours of work over the next 2 weeks, in 5 shifts. I'm going to spend several days on the coast (ish), sleeping in a hotel. Not that I'll have time or energy to drive down to the beach, of course. One ... nice? aspect of this traveling pharmacist gig is that I get to see a lot of parts of the state that I haven't seen before. Of course, they're mostly out east in the Sandhills.

I ordered a netbook last week, but UPS isn't bringing it to me. The tracking page says "in transit to final destination," from the Chapel Hill hub, since 11:23 yesterday morning. I could freakin drive there and pick it up myself faster than waiting for it. Grr. I wanna play with my new toy. *stalks UPS tracking page*

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