14 February 2010

Awesome art!

In January, over on livejournal, there was a fannish auction to help earthquake victims in Haiti. One of my friends, the fabulous Pluto, offered a commissioned piece of art, and I won it. Yay! (They've confirmed over $100,000 in donations as of a couple days ago. Never let it be said that fans never did anything good!)

I decided to ask for two of my POV characters, MSgt Atesh Metin and Maj Hikaru Yilmaz. I'm not a visual person in the least, so I don't have good images of them in my mind. I did, however, spend way too long on de.wikipedia looking at uniforms. So we emailed back and forth a bit, and this is what she came up with. (Atesh is on the left, Hikaru on the right.) Clicking will embiggen the image.

Atesh and Hikaru by Pluto

I love it so! She worked from my vague descriptors and some personality traits, and it's just so right! (Now I just need to finish, polish, and sell their story...)

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