10 March 2010

Long time, etc etc.

So, I've been working 3 days a week, and with travel time and an hour lunch, I've been putting in 33 hours or so (to work 24.) That pretty much left me with just two days (plus weekends) to work on everything else. That contract is up, so I'm getting my life back.

I've edited 2 chapters in the novel so far (only 20 to go?), but some I'll need to finish the background reading to fix properly. Which means I need to spend some time reading the nonfiction in my giant to-read stack (mainly The Persian Night).

I only have 2 chapters left in the feminist manifesto a friend loaned me, and when I finish, I'll post about it. It's pretty amazing. Oppositional sexism, traditional sexism, the scapegoating of femininity... *swoon*

Today I need to edit some more, and make blondies for my birthday party Saturday. Friday a friend is coming over to help make a linzertorte, and at some point I need to make a spice cake. This may happen Saturday. (Yes, I'm making three cake-like things for my own party. I also have a bag of chips and a jar of salsa, several varieties of beer and sodas, and plan to make rosemary sweet tea, as is mandatory for parties at my house in spring or summer. My rosemary bush is threatening to take over the world. I must stop it by cutting it.)

And? A gal I met via livejournal who lives in Istanbul sent me a box of Turkish books (in English) and films (with subtitles). I was expecting a couple books, but I got like 6. My to-read stack is getting close to as tall as I am.

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