26 June 2011

Draft finished!

I finished the first draft of The Novel and sent it off to some friends who volunteered to read it and give me feedback. Which means for the next six weeks, or until I get all their replies, I don't have to write!

I'm going to
- start making a dent in my to-read pile (which is about three feet tall, seriously)
- organize the disaster that's my sewing room
- sew a dress I've been meaning to for a couple years
- make the chiton I'm supposed to for the Greek gods costuming group at DragonCon
- come up with panel suggestions for my guests in the literature track at ConTemporal
- figure out what I'd intended to do with a bag full of fabric I bought 3 years ago
- finish crocheting the fingerless gloves I'd wanted to have done for LAST winter
- play Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
- rewatch Gundam Wing
- go to ReaderCon

I should probably also work on the synopsis, and I may think about outlining Novel Two. I'm going to be spending about 30 hours in trains in a couple weeks, and that'll give me a LOT of time to get through several of the things here.


Vampy said...

- And contribute on a crazy post about Bundesliga and LOTR :)

CD Covington said...

Indeed! I might be able to work that in somewhere :) I'm still voting for FC Hollywood to stand in as the legions of Mordor.

Anonymous said...


CD Covington said...

Thanks :D