19 July 2013

Friday miscellany, mostly ReaderCon

Last week I went to ReaderCon, and I wrote about it here, with links to the separate posts I made with my panel notes. I tried out taking notes on my laptop this year, because my Air is tiny and light and has good battery life, and I never seem to do anything with the notes in a notebook, and my handwriting gets awful when I try to write that fast. It worked out fairly well, I think. I can type really quickly, and there's no handwriting awfulness to worry about.

People I saw: Shira, Don, Carrie, Julia, John, Rose, my roommates Julie and Ann, my future VP classmates John, Lise, and Laurence, uh, Maria (who has awesome pirate ship earrings), Brit, AT, Fran, Sarah, and probably a lot of other people I'm blanking on right now. (Sorry if I didn't mention you; I talked to a lot of people this weekend!)

All in all, I had a great time. The panels I went to were really good, and some of the ones I missed I'm sad about. The hotel renovations threw a wrench in things, but it was manageable. The single restaurant and lack of bar was a fairly big problem, but next year that will be done. And it wasn't nearly as bad as DragonCon 2008 (iirc), when half the main floor of the Marriott was closed for renovations. That was horrible.

I'm still working my way through 2312, and I've read all the Campbell nominees. I'll post a review of the last book Monday and my thoughts on the category next Friday, most likely. I think that's all the main words categories, right? I can't remember. I've got my voting mostly done, and I should really send in the site selection ballot.

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John Wiswell said...

It was great seeing you again, too! I'll be keen for your 2312 review. It's definitely not my sort of novel, but I have a strong respect for some of its elements.

I just need to knock off the short stories (can the others be more amusing than Kij Johnson's?) and I'll send my Hugo ballot in. This is always such a fun time of year.