05 July 2013

Hugo thoughts: Best fan writer

When I read fannish writing on the internet, I like to read about the things I like. I like reading other people's reactions to them.

Mark Oshiro is a brilliant fan writer. He reads and watches things (TV shows and anime series) and writes reactions to them. He reads one chapter or watches one episode at a time, completely unspoiled. (I am amazed that he was unspoiled for LOTR, but there you go.) Reading Mark's reactions to a thing puts me back in the place I was when I read it the first time, and, if it's something I've already finished, I can only smile knowingly and say "you don't even know" when he says "I am not prepared for this."

Mark unashamedly loves things and writes from the heart.

Tansy Rayner Roberts writes delightful meta commentary on things. If you read Historically Authentic Sexism in Fantasy: Let's Unpack That, you've read Tansy's meta.

Tansy and Mark are the new-style fan writer that I want to see more of in the Hugo nominations.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree! They're my top two choices; the other three don't really interest me.

CD Covington said...

The other 3 don't interest me at all, either.