02 October 2013

Anime season recap: summer 2013

The season has ended, and three shows I was watching concluded.

attack on titan
Attack on Titan: Recommended, with the caveat that it's brutal and bleak and bloody and giants eat (or squish) everyone you love. The animation quality is absurdly high. Not all of the plot threads are resolved: what is under the remains of Eren's house in Shiganshina? What secret about the titans will he find there? I hope there's another series in a few seasons that answers those questions.

genshiken nidaime
Genshiken Nidaime: Recommended if you liked original flavor Genshiken. This follows the current run of the manga, with Ogiue as club president and Ohno working on graduating, plus a handful of fujoshi who join the club. The cross-dressing subplot is handled ... (in comparison to other recent anime) not too horribly, but it may make some viewers in the trans* community uncomfortable.

Free!: I won't recommend this (the story isn't anything to write home about), but it's definitely fun, if you enjoy bishounen reverse harem shows.

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