04 October 2013

Friday miscellany

I'm getting my hair cut today. It's in dire need. My last haircut was in July, and I'm feeling awfully shaggy.

I'm working on a short story (I so rarely write them) this week, and I hope to get it out sometime this month. Most likely after VP... (OMG 9 days.)

My fifteen-year college reunion is coming up! And I'll be driving up to Pennsylvania less than a week after I get back from VP. I'm staying with a friend from college who still lives up there, because by the time I decided to go, all the hotels were booked out. Or over $100 a night. I still have the picture of the 15 chem majors I graduated with framed on my bookshelf. (And I'm really surprised that freshman enrollment is over 400; I started with about 250.)

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