11 October 2013

Friday flailing

T minus 46 hours until I depart for Viable Paradise. Actually, that's when my plane leaves, so it's T minus 44 hours from when I leave my house. I haven't packed yet; my laundry is drying on the rack in the bathroom. I have tomorrow, after all, and a packing list.

My packing list is on a sheet of lined A4 paper (I have a lot of notebooks left over from my junior year of college in Germany), two columns, about 3/4 of the page, with notations, deletions, additions. I should make a to-do list that's full of "don't forget to get money from the ATM"-type things. Because I want to have some cash for incidentals like food at the grocery store and Dunkin Donuts at the airport (because fuck yeah donuts.)

I'm working on a short story to submit after the workshop is over. I've almost got it to a place I can send it to beta readers, so I hope I can get there today, since tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind of "do I need this?" "Where did I put that?" "Why won't this fit?"

I don't know if I'll have time to get any blogging in tomorrow (which is when I usually queue my posts for the week), so there may be nothing from me until after I get back next week.

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