07 February 2014

I'm in Germany.

It was an adventure getting here, after my flight through JFK was cancelled, and the one I was rebooked to was cancelled, and I missed the connection I was supposed to make in Atlanta instead, so I ended up going RDU-ATL-Amsterdam-Frankfurt.

But I've arrived in Mannheim and am settling in. My flatmates are nice. Mannheim is cute. I've got my schedule for the practicum, and I start Monday.

I bought a really cute shopping bag that folds into itself (so I can take it home easily). I always forget that I need to bring a shopping bag to Germany. I refrained from buying the adorable paper clips shaped like owls, however. I may give in eventually, though; they were super adorable.

Tomorrow I plan to watch a football match in a pub. My Scottish flatmate recommended an Irish pub up the road.

I'm reading Aliette de Bodard's Acatl novels while I travel. I should finish them on the way home for sure. I'm partway through the third one. They're quite good, and I plan to review them when I finish.

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