17 May 2013


I haven't read anything since I finished Stasiland. I decided I'll finish reading a book I started a long time ago, but I haven't really had time to read this week.

I'm going to DC in 2 weeks to watch the German men's soccer team play the US men's team. I'm rather excited, even if the majority of the stars won't be there because of the timing of league play. It'll be a chance to see world-class soccer in person. It's a friendly, so they're not limited to three substitutions, which means Jogi gets to try out different players and formations than he would with the A squad. And Miroslav Klose will be there, so hopefully he'll get to play.

I'm taking Amtrak up, so of course my brain decided to give me an anxiety dream about that this morning, where I got to the station and realized I'd forgotten to print my ticket, and then I went to the bathroom and forgot my purse and camera in the stall, and then I went to get on the train but it was a bus and it was night and I couldn't get the work done that I'd planned to because I get motion sick. So I dreamed that I got my phone out to call Ben and tell him how much my trip sucked and then my alarm went off. Pleasant start to the day.

And that's the Friday miscellany for this week.

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